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Produktlogo Lisssn (download)
Learning music as an adventure "Lisssn" is a point-and-click adventure game for listeners in the style of adventure classics such as "RHEM" with many puzzles and mysterious machines to set in motion. But instead of having only to look...
£13.49 *
Produktlogo Rhem II SE - The Cave Special Edition (download)
RHEM II SE - The Cave Special Edition expands the huge world of the original RHEM 2 by a new unseen area with many new puzzles and challenges. The additional goal is to find one quarter of a medaillion that you may need in the...
£7.99 *
Produktlogo Lamplight City (download)
A detective adventure set in an alternate steampunk-ish "Victorian" past Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in an alternate steampunk-ish "Victorian" past. The thriving port city of New Bretagne is a beacon of progress and...
£9.69 * £12.99 *
Produktlogo Jack Keane (download)
Help Jack solve the mysteries of his past in this epic Adventure Game Jack Keane is a hilarious, action-packed adventure game in the spirit of Monkey Island, with tons of references to well-known computer games and classic movies....
£15.99 *
Produktlogo Lost Cavern (download)
Back to the Stone Age RETURN TO WHERE WE WERE BORN In 15,000 B.C., strange symbols found while hunting remind Arok of an encounter with a charismatic traveler a long time ago. In order for him to find his long-forgotten friend, the most...
£19.99 *
Produktlogo Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (download)
Choose your path in this fascinating action game Choose Your Path It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless Sith. As the last hope of the Jedi, you must...
£6.65 * £6.99 *
Produktlogo Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II...
It is not the destination that matters. It is the journey Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of...
£6.99 *
Produktlogo Treasure Island (download)
A thrilling quest: Set out in search of the incredible treasure Four years have passed since the end of the adventure recounted in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. Jim Hawkins has become an upstanding adventurous young man, attentive to...
£24.99 *
Produktlogo Layers of Fear (download)
A Masterpiece of Fear Layers of Fear is a first-person psychedelic horror game with a heavy focus on story and exploration. Players take control of a painter whose sole purpose is to finish his Magnum Opus. The player must navigate...
£14.99 *
Produktlogo Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered (download)
Guilt is a chilling feeling Originally released in 2005, Fahrenheit (known as Indigo Prophecy in North America) was a breakthrough in interactive narrative, teetering between the worlds of cinema and gaming while also embracing them,...
£6.99 *
Produktlogo RHEM I SE: The Mysterious Land (download)
RHEM is a first person adventure featuring brain-teasing puzzles for your Mac. You arrive in the world of Rhem by a stolen rail car. For a moment, you must simply sit tight, unable to escape. Then, the car begins to roam this world,...
£7.99 *
Produktlogo Rhem 4 - The Golden Fragments (download)
Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments, Mac version ONLY FOR APPLE MACINTOSH. DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS PCs. Language: Manual: English (digital), Software: English System requirements: DVD-Laufwerk, Mac OS X 10.4.0, Mac OS X 10.7, 800MHz G4,...
£16.99 *
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